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Judicium data protection services for schools

If your school has appointed a DPO and is absolutely on top of all your GDPR obligations, this page is not for you and you can sign off immediately. If, on the other hand you’re one of the vast majority of schools that could do with a little help to improve what you have in place, then please read on.


The basics

    The first thing every school must do is appoint a Data Protection Officer (DPO).  This is a mandatory position for all state schools in England and Wales.

    The role of the DPO, set out in Article 39, is to advise, oversee and monitor GDPR compliance within the school and also to liaise with and represent the school in its dealings with the regulator, the Information Commissioners’ Office (ICO).

Article 37 obliges a school to appoint a DPO on the basis of

“professional qualities and, in particular, expert knowledge of data protection law and practices”

    If you have appointed such a person and they are happy in the role, then you do not need our outsourced data protection officer service. If not, please see our third option below in green.

    Whilst our fees differ depending on the size and type of school/MAT, you may find our outsourced DPO service to be surprisingly good value, and significantly cheaper than appointing in-house.

    For those schools that have appointed a well-resourced and knowledgeable DPO, you may fund that he/she is nevertheless struggling to manage the compliance process. This is where out GDPR platform may help, it’s designed to assist those on the ground to manage the process by automating tasks, monitoring deadlines and suggesting solutions – all of which save you time and help you to get things right.

    Our platform also provides a management dashboard enabling school leaders to monitor compliance and breaches across the school/MAT in real time helping them to discharge their governance function. For a full list of benefits, please see below.

Finally, it may be that all that is required is some training. For these schools, we offer our eLearning model containing 16 courses dealing with all aspects of GDPR in schools and intended for to cover the entire range of training required for different positions within the school.

Judicium GDPR support packages for schools:

Judicium offer three levels of service to assist you with GDPR compliance (now enacted as the Data Protection Act 2018):

eLearning Library

It’s important to bear in mind that GDPR training is not one size fits all. The type of GDPR training suitable for a premises manager may differ enormously from that of a science teacher, or safeguarding officer. For this reason our GDPR eLearning library has 16 different courses, each one dealing with a separate aspect of GDPR depending on the position of the trainee within the school.

from £595 per annum

DPO Platform & eLearning

If you’ve appointed a suitable expert to be your DPO, you might consider whether a subscription to our online DPO platform would enhance and improve both the efficiency and quality of their work.

Our platform has been developed in-house, and is designed to make life easier, much easier, for those with a performing the role of DPO.

from £895 per annum

Outsourced DPO Service

Judicium already act as a full outsourced Data Protection Officer for over 1,300 schools in England and Wales.

This is our core service and complies with all the statutory requirements on the appointment of such a role with your schools.

This service includes all the benefits in the table listed below.

from £1,985 per annum

If you would like to talk to us about any of our data protection/ GDPR services, or find out how little it would cost to service your school, please contact us.

Benefits eLearning DPO platform & eLearning DPO Service
Online training library with courses for every type of school employee
Document depository with school documentation plus numerous templates
Online tool to assist schools to carry out a data protection impact assessment
Online breach register with capacity to report a breach to the ICO
Subject Access Requests - online record and reminder of time limits
Freedom of Information requests - online record and reminder of time limits
Regular remote monitoring of your school GDPR compliance
Online tool to enable your school to carry out a data mapping exercise
Approved Suppliers List
Unlimited telephone / email advice from our data protection experts
Assistance and advice on dealing with Subject Access Requests
Assistance and advice on dealing with Freedom of Information requests
Acting on behalf of school when dealing with Information Commissioner’s office
Two live training sessions delivered at your school by one of our trainers
Annual live audit carried out by one of our consultants at your school

Contact Us

If you would like to talk to us about any of our data protection/ GDPR services, or find out how little it would cost to service your school, please contact us.

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