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Approved Suppliers

    Are you a supplier of goods or services to schools? If so, are you suitably compliant with GDPR/DPA?

    Judicium Education is the leading schools’ data protection adviser in England and Wales. Over 1,300 schools trust us to represent them as their data protection officer (DPO) when dealing with pupils, parents, suppliers, investigators, journalists, other third parties and the Information Commissioner.
    A large part of our role as schools’ Data Protection Officer consists of assisting schools to determine the terms upon which they will engage external suppliers in so far as that engagement impacts upon GDPR/Data Protection Act 2018. This involves, as a minimum, an examination of the suppliers’ GDPR / data protection documentation and assisting the school to conduct (and sign off) a Data Protection Impact Assessments (DPIAs).


    If your organisation suppliers good or services to schools, and you would like us to pre-approve your compliance with GDPR/DPO, please contact us on the form below.

    Once approved, you will be able to display our stamp on your website (subject to terms). This may save you a great deal of time establishing your compliance and may assist you pre-contract with reinforcing your credibility.

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